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Light fitting

All polycarbonate construction with an IP65 classification. The fitting is jet proof and so suitable for external use. Can be surface or semi-recess mounted, rubber brushed 20mm diameter opening at the back with provision also for surface wiring at three points.

  • 1x11 Watt, white.
  • Part No. ST112 - Price £TBC


Single diffuser for our IP65 rated light fittings.

  • 16 Amp M.C.B

  • 16 Amp. Type C. SP 6KA. BS EN 60898.
  • Part No. ST109 - Price £4.95

S100 photocell

These units are designed for applications where space is limited. Excellent accuracy of switching. Long life and proven reliability. Sensor type: Cadmium sulphide. Standard switching level: 70 Lux. 220-270V, 50-60HZ. Maximum lamp load: 2x250 watts. Power consumption: 0.6 Watts. IP65.

  • Part No. ST115 - Price £TBC